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Our primary goal is to represent investors who have lost their savings and retirement when their brokerage accounts were mishandled . Those cases were concerning stocks, bonds, “penny” stocks, “junk” bonds, options, warrants, commodities, mutual funds, REIT’s, limited partnerships, derivative securities and other investments. We have also handled other types of cases for investors and minority shareholders. Whether by negligence or investment fraud, brokerage firms and financial advisors that have failed to follow industry standards and applicable rules and laws may be responsible for their customer’s losses. The fundamental principle of both federal and state securities laws is complete disclosure of material risks and conflicts of interests. Many investors rely on information and recommendations from their financial advisors or brokers before approving securities transactions.

Stock Loss Lawyer

The investors are awarded shares in securities or other financial assets which correspond to their initial investment. Some funds invest in stocks, others in bonds – such as Puerto Rican bonds – and others invest in some very specific financial products. Our lawyers are evaluating potential claims for compensation for any losses IonQ investors and/or IonQ Inc.. This pressure could include being unable to pay the bills, maintaining productivity at work, or not having as nice a car as the neighbors. Pressure combined with opportunity can result in securities fraud, too.

I may have been a victim of investment abuse, what should I do?

Have you suffered investment losses as a result of fraud or broker misconduct? Our firm’s lawyers have helped recover over $5.3 billion in investment losses and damages, for thousands of investors and consumers. Common types of investment and securities fraud include Ponzi schemes, junk bonds, structured products, and various broker misconduct like choosing unsuitable investments, providing misleading or incomplete information, excessive trading and churning. The attorneys at Erez Law, PLLC have recovered over $175 million dollars on behalf of our clients who have suffered unnecessary investment losses at the hands of a broker who committed securities and investment fraud, and we are prepared to help you. If you believe you have suffered investment losses due to broker misconduct or negligence, the Business Trial Group may be able to help. Because we represent clients on a contingency fee basis, we only receive a legal fee if we are able to recover compensation on your behalf.

We help them recoup losses from fraudulent actions carried out by their broker-dealers, broker and financial advisors. Like asset classes, the industry sectors do not move up and down in tandem. Having each industry sector in your portfolio in the right increments can reduce risk without sacrificing returns. When these acts, through negligent management or malpractice by a broker or advisor, result in failure to diversify on behalf of an innocent investor and losses occur, the investor may be entitled to seek damages. Though profitable for unethical financial professionals, churning is costly to investors and can devastate your life savings. Churning involves the regular turnover, purchases and sales of securities, in your portfolio to generate commissions.

Unsuitable Investment Lawyers

This website is not intended for viewing or usage by European Union citizens. They’re tax-deferred, but if you withdraw any money ahead of time, there are steep charges. They’re a good money-maker for the insurer, who gets a generous up-front commission as well as annual trailer fees, plus fees charged for the mutual funds that are usually part of the annuity. When you hire a broker to handle your investments, you set things up by giving the broker information as to your tax needs and your investment goals. All brokers are required to ask you for this sort of information if you don’t volunteer it, because it forms the basis for their decisions in acting for you. If you find that your broker has been trading too much, and if you lose money as a result of that, you have the right to file a lawsuit.

In addition to that, 2 investment firms were expelled from the financial services industry and another 2 were suspended. In 2020 alone 246 individual advisors and brokers were barred from the financial services by FINRA, and another 375 were suspended. If you aren’t ready to speak with an investment loss attorney, no problem. Carvana class action lawsuit contains answers to many of our client’s common questions, so keep reading to better understand your legal options. There are many details that go into the calculation of your total losses, and once we are able to thoroughly review the circumstances of your stockbroker’s misconduct, we will have a better understanding of how much recovery you’ll be entitled to. FINRA regulations allow for an arbitration claim to be filed within six years from the date that the stockbroker misconduct occurred or from the date of your loss.

You can also search online with a service by FINRA, called “Broker Check.” that will allow you to search broker-dealers and stockbrokers. With over 50 years of experience and millions recovered, our investment fraud lawyers fight aggressively to recover losses for investors. The only thing worse than losing investment money is not recovering money when you could have recovered funds. The right investment fraud lawyer will take fast legal action that includes FINRA Arbitrationor filing complaints withFINRAandSEC.

You’ll need a major return on investment to cover the interest for a profitable investment. Most Americans do not know that they have the right to competent investment advice and the right to hold financial institutions liable for rendering bad investment advice or worse, financial fraud. Investing is a complex business and your broker has an obligation to explain your investment options.

Attorneys in the Business Trial Group have worked in brokerages, earned MBAs, and spent decades as defense lawyers for the biggest Wall Street firms. With full information in hand, your attorney will be able to determine exactly what actions you need to take to make the most effective claim for full and fair financial compensation for your illegitimate investment losses. Prior to proceeding with arbitration, FINRA’s rules also allow stockbrokers and their clients to agree to mediate. While it won’t always be in investors’ best interests to pursue mediation, this approach can prove beneficial in many cases.

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