How To Solve Blogger Blurry Featured Image Problem? Without Codes

Hi, I’ve always found your blog to be helpful whenever I needed to add gadgets, and extras to my html blogger code. The blog cover on my blog is set to be wide and for some reason the image looks blurry no matter what I do. I’m editing the image on Photoshop and doing everything right, at least I think so, and it’s always blurry.

If I remove an individual picture and try to upload it again, it comes out as too large. But, after reducing the size and uploading it the problem is solved. However, it is impractical to do so for EVERY single image. You will most likely face blurry images or blurry thumbnails on the blogger homepage if you’re using a custom or third-party theme. This means you will not face this problem if you have the blogger’s default theme.

Most especially when it gives an insight of what’s written in your blog post. I’m just wondering how I change this to make this constant in all of my photos when I upload, instead of having to do it for each photo in every post I write. If you aren’t sure of the scale just add a width value without the height. The height value will be set automatically. This will ensure that your images aren’t being stretched or squished to fit both constraints you set. The s320 is your resolution and it determines the quality depending on the size of the image.

So in today’s post I will show you how to solve blurry thumbnail problem without changing any Blogger template. Recently, images Uploaded in Blogger changed to instead of the old I have told you the blurry picture problem in the blogger featured post as far as I understand and solved it. Also, if Google/Blogger makes an update, I’ll add it here again. In the first days, I always thought it was my picture quality.

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The most optimezed format for web is .webp. In your case, this seens to occur because of the images size. If you open each image in a new tab you will see that teir original size are 72×72 although the display size is 490×305. You need to find this in image HTML tag of your blogger image.

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This update error does not affect all and some do not. But it’s not that it hasn’t been, it’s that it hasn’t been updated. Download Countdown Timer ‘s why today I will guide you to change blogger link to default. Below are the steps that need to be taken to solve this problem of blurry thumbnail images on Blogger. To fix the blurry thumbnails we have 2 options depending what methods you are using to create thumbnails. Due to this many related posts of blogger website or thumbnails of main posts widget started showing some blur.

If you are getting the same blurry images even after trying the above methods, then there might be some problem in your Blogger template. Some templates have a JavaScript code in them which can forcefully set the default quality for all your post images. I’ve had a couple of questions recently about why the popular post images on Blogger are suddenly appearing blurry. This only seems to be happening on some blogs, so here are 2 alternative fixes to help you fix this problem depending on your template.

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The trick here is to use regexp method that will affect both new and old image names and i hope blogger don’t change it again to something that we can’t match even with regexp. After pasting and saving this code your Blogger picture’s blurry problems are solved. The Blogger’s pictures of blurry problems after fixing will help you to reduce the bounce rate of your website and it can positively affect to the viewers of your website.

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