Diamond Definition & That Means

“The companies left us like they discovered us — with nothing. But if we just sit there serious about it, our kids will die. So we, the diggers, come in right here and take the scraps.”
He’s 30 toes below the floor of the desert in the Namaqualand area of South Africa in a tunnel barely tall sufficient to crawl via.
Occasionally a diamond mine is productive enough to continue as an underground mine after it turns into too deep to be successfully pit mined.
Open pit diamond pipe mining is the most common method to recover diamonds immediately from kimberlite pipes.
Blasting loosens the diamond bearing rock and huge earth-moving machines load the ore into large 300-tonne vehicles that take it to a diamond processing plant.
The diamond world has turn out to be much more clear too.


USES Diamond is crucial gemstone in the jewelry business.
The colorless stone is most frequently used for jewelry, although yellows and browns are also used.
(Brown stones are sometimes marketed as “chocolate”, “cognac”, or”champagne” Diamonds, relying on colour depth).
Other fancies are too uncommon and costly for the mainstream jewelry industry, and are solely reserved for the excessive end client.
Black, opaque Diamonds are sometimes faceted right into a black gemstones with a submetallic luster.
The superior power and unique properties of diamonds make them appropriate for a variety of commercial makes use of.

Industrial Diamonds

Compare the dimensions and weight of the asscher-cut diamonds to the spherical minimize diamonds .
A 1-carat asscher-cut diamond is 5.5 mm throughout, whereas a 1-carat round-cut diamond is 6.4 mm across.
The vintage-style asscher reduce diamonds have a smaller surface space, so they may seem smaller than spherical diamonds, despite 鑽石 weighing the identical.
When it comes to a diamond’s measurements, carats and size are two different things.
A diamond’s measurement is how massive the diamond will look when viewed from above, whereas carats describe how a lot the diamond weighs.
One carat is the same as 0.2 grams, so a five-carat diamond weighs one gram.

What’s Diamond?

Today, synthetic diamond abrasives are made in tons of of factories and their price is beneath $1 per carat – and so they perform just as nicely as abrasives made from pure diamonds in industrial use.
A type of pure carbon that happens naturally as a clear, cubic crystal and is the toughest of all recognized minerals.
It often occurs as octahedrons with rounded edges and curved surfaces.

Diamond can additionally be used in thermal insulators, in optics, and in electronics.
Dark colored, imperfectly crystallized Diamond that is translucent to opaque.
Diamond additionally types in twinned crystals, and as each clear cleavage fragments and unshaped distorted fragments.
Some twinned crystals and cleavage fragments assume a triangular form, which are generally identified as macles.
Crystals usually have curved faces, and in some cases they be virtually spherical.
Another crystal behavior is ball-shaped agglomerates of radiating crystals.

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