10 Best Places to Buy Manga Prices and Discounts

Furthermore, you may read free manga online using our website using any PC, Android, or iOS device. For easy searching, the manga content has been divided into genres. Action, Shounen, Comedy, Science Fiction, School Life, Supernatural, Slice of Life, and many other genres are popular here.

The collection has some major titles, and as with buffets of this kind, you’ll discover new comics to fall in love with. Apart from several of the major anime series, you get plenty of manga titles too. It’s completely ad-free, and the manga chapters are available as soon as they are published in Japan. Also run by Kadokawa, BookWalker is a one-stop-shop for legal and official digital comics from Japan. The service now includes all the popular publishers, including Viz, Kodansha, and Yen. Mangabudy ‘s like shopping on the Kindle store, except specifically for manga.

They have a good customer support which is accessible to people once on the website. The best thing about them is you could even contact them through mail and they will respond positively. You can read there itself in comfortable bean bags, or could borrow the needed manga for two weeks to read at your leisure time. Only downside is there is no option to buy manga, nevertheless it will a great experience for otakus in Delhi. Sorry, the content of this store can’t be seen by a younger audience.


Before you can read free manga online on Mangastream, you won’t even need to establish an account or sign in. The sophisticated search feature on this green-themed online manga platform makes it easy for visitors to read manga online. Mangaowl is a free online platform where comic book fans may read the manga. This is the greatest site to go to if you want to read manga online in a variety of genres such as adventure, action, and fantasy without having to register.

Most Popular Anime in India based on Google Trends Stats in 2020.

In this article, we’re going to look at the ten best places to buy manga. Most of these are online retailers, and fellow buyers have verified their reliability. Still, if you want to experience going to a brick-and-mortar bookstore, we have options for you too. Ebay is your best bet for long series and complete sets of OOP.

Manga & Anime Favorites

Story and Art by Atsuko Yusen Tiny and adorable when they first met, Rui – still just as adorable – now looms over his boyfriend, Yuujirou. Though they were little more than best friends at first, the confusion over their true feelings for one another smoldered until they confessed. Now, every day is filled with such overwhelming sweetness, they just can’t keep their hands off each other! A digital exclusive bonus story from hit boys love manga Dekoboko Sugar Days!

There’s also a built-in search function that makes it easy to find your favorite manga comic book title. The BookWalker domain is Kadokawa’s official digital bookshop and software for Light Novel and digital manga series readers all around the world. And, worse, that he’s developed a craving of his own for blood. Fortunately, the vampire health and welfare organization FANGS is there to help with the transition, and the handsome Ichii steps up as his guardian and mentor.

It also has more available boxed sets compared to other websites. Also check out shopgoodwill.com and search for “manga” and sometimes there will be some good lots on sale if you’re lucky. Make sure to estimate shipping before you bid though since some use an expensive type of FedEx or UPS shipping which isn’t worth it or is pickup only. I live near a few Half Price Books, a used chain, and they have yearly clearance sales where I can get manga for $1-2 each in a huge convention center of pooled clearance books.

Flipkart has some of the Manga at cheap prices but unfortunately the collections available in it are really low and choice of selection is low. They have a huge collection of manga available in both Japanese and English. You can enjoy more than 1500 manga (including mega hit titles like “Naruto”, “One Piece”, “Bleach” etc.) in English. A great place to buy Manga physically in India is undoubtedly Midland Book shop situated in New Delhi. Book Depository is the world’s most international online bookstore offering over 20 million books with free delivery worldwide. This fascinating online site lives up to its promise of providing high-quality material in a short amount of time.

This is especially true for boxed sets, as you have to ask for photos of each included volume. However, some sellers ship for free, even if you’re buying a $4.99 manga. If the manga you are looking for is catered to a niche market, they may not have it.

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